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Habitat Engineering & Forensics
446 - 17th Street, Suite 300, Oakland, CA 94612, USA
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Structural/Civil Engineering & Expert Witness Consulting: Investigation, Testing, Condition Assessment, Performance Evaluation, Damage, Causation, Errors, Omissions, Fitness-for-Service & Failure Analysis, Repair/Retrofit
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Civil/structural engineering & construction forensics services to insurance companies, law firms, construction, utilities, technology & mining industries, governmental/educational institutions, engineering and architectural firms, and individuals
Dr. Fari Barzegar, Ph.D., P.E., CPEng is founding principal engineer at Habitat Engineering & Forensics and a registered professional engineer with over 30-yrs of experience in engineering consulting, structural analysis/design, construction project management, code compliance, Fitness-for-Service & failure analysis, personal injury, trip & fall cases, OSHA Standards, concrete slabs/ foundations.
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Dr Fari Barzegar, Construction Expert, Licensed Engineer, Licensed General Contractor, Analysis Expert, Standard of Care, Peer Review, Patent Infringement, Product Design, Foundations & Slabs, Finite Elements, Pavements, Composites, Cracking, Northern & Southern California Expert, Bay Area Expert, San Francisco Expert, Oakland Expert, San Jose Expert,, Engineering Reports, Residential-Commercial-Institutional-Industrial Buildings, Historic Bridges, Transportation Structures, Grain Silos, Vessels, Power Plant Cooling Towers, Underground Conduits, Roadways, Pavements, Composites, Steel, Vibrations, Blasts, Earthquakes, Hurricane, Flood, Plaintiff, Defendant, Law Suit, Arbitration, Mediation, Slip Trip & Fall Expert, Personal Injury, OSHA Standard Expert Witness & Consultant
Expert Engineer, Expert Consulting, Expert Testimony, Forensic Engineer, Structural/Civil Investigations, Inspection, Construction Defects, Destructive/ Non-Destructive Testing, Engineering Design, Retaining Walls, Errors and Omissions, Code Compliance, Insurance Claims, Litigation Support, Offshore Platforms, Pipes & Pipelines, Pile Driving, Mine Explosions, Water Intrusion,Failure Reconstruction

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